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In german, Dobermanns can achive an even higher breeding status: a Körung rating. To qualify for this rating, the Dobermann must pass the ZTP, possess a Schutzhund 1 (Sch. 1) title and pass an endurance test. The Dobermann must also have been shown or presented in the show ring several times’ and received verification from a veterinarian that it is free of hereditary diseases. A Körung tittle is designated with the letters “KKL” and a temperament rating such as “IA” following the dog’s name.


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The Zentralkoerung 1999

The Zentralkoerung 1999 directs the regional committee Westphalia
toward the workstation system of the data processing department of
Recklinghausen out

Date: 12./13. June 1999

Koerkommission: Walter Hensel,
Hans Wiblilshauser,
Rainer Friedrich

Koerleiter: Anneliese Kroener
East fields Str.41
48361 Beelen
Tel.: 0 25 86-83 93

Reporting fee: DM 60, -

" the Koerordnung "

(status: April 1996)

Purpose of the Koerung

Statement to the breed the one which can be particularly
recommended and suitable dog. Promotion of a uniform breed and
elevation of the customs dog breed.

A prerequisite for a Ankoerung

Collecting main of a valid geneological table of the DV e.V.
Minimum age 2 years
Maximum age breed-usable age
Existed breed fitness check
Breed breed evaluationbreed evaluation excellently or very
well on two different breed zuchtschauen among two different
Formation flags demonstrated dogs must possess SchH 1 or
IPO 1 at least
Perseverance check must have been taken with success
The owner of the dog must be member in the DV registered
Dobermaenner from the foreign country can likewise
participate to the Koerung, if the prerequisite for

Breed and customs error admit are. By this fall in particular
Unfruchtbarkeit, partial generation inability, brain -, nerve and
eye diseases.
With the log-on the Koerordnung is recognized
The applicant explains expressly that none - only by detailed
investigation ascertainable - admits breed and customs errors
to him is. By this fall in particular Unfruchtbarkeit, partial
generation inability, brain -, nerve and eye diseases.

Organization of the Koerung

The Koerungen is executed in each case as Zentralkoerungen by
the DV registered association. They will transfer from the main
association of a regional committee. Economical organizer is the
main association. The Koerungen is to be executed if possible in the
north and the south of the federal territory. Usually annually two Koe
koe-rungen find instead of (Fruehiahrs - and Herbstkoerung). The
reporting cash amounts to DM 60, -.

Applications for the execution of the Koerung are to be addressed
by the regional committees to the head office. According to
forwarding to the Koerkommission of this place and date are
determined. The Koerort and Koertag (if necessary 2 Koertage) as
well as the deadline are published in the UD. At the same time name
and address of the Koerleiters are communicated. The log-on to the
Koerung takes place with the Koerleiter. The log-on must be present
at the latest 3 weeks before the Koertermin with the Koerleiter. With
log-on becomes due Koerge buehr.

The Koerung is executed only if at least 15 messages are present
with deadline. Maximum number of the permissions for each
Koertag of 30 dogs.

The Koerleiter is responsible for the unimpaired operational
sequence of the Koerung. It has to check the adherence to the
permission regulations and is responsible for the organizational
operational sequence, the workstation system including
accommodation of the dogs as well as the supply of the aids. With
the workstation system it must concern itself around an accordingly
large enclosed area, with appropriate accommodation possibilities
in bad weather. A sample dog must be available.

Duration of the Ankoerung

The first Ankoerung applies with Rueden two years, dogs can after
two years, must however after 3 years again be demonstrated. If the
date is missed to the Wiederankoerung, then with it automatically
the Abkoerung is connected.

The Wiederankoerung takes place in the long run the breed-usable

Dobermaenner, which cannot be demonstrated because of a heavy
illness or violation to the Wiederankoerung, must participate in the
following year to the Koerung. The Koerkommission is to be
submitted over the illness a veterinary certificate. She can request if
necessary the appraisal of an animal hospital. All rights, which result
from the Ankoerung, rest for the difference time.

Dogs, which do not exist the Erstankoerung, can be demonstrated at
the earliest after six months again. A repeated repetition is not
possible. Likewise a repetition is not possible with the Ankoerung in
the long term the breed-usable age.

The members of the Koerkommission are appointed by the judge

The Koerung is made of the Koerkommission. The commission
consists of two breed judges and a performance judge. The
Koerkommission can also in exceptional cases in occupation with a
breed judge (Koermeister) and a performance judge (Koerrichter)
become active. For the Koerung the Koermeister is responsible.
The Koerkommission intends the aid for the protection service.

Guidelines for execution

At the beginning of the Koerung the dog leader announces itself with
his dog to the Koermeister. The check conductor acknowledges that
he checked the identity and the prerequisite of the permission due to
the submitted documents for the Koerung. Then with the nature
examination one begins.


The check is made by the Koermeister or an auxiliary person in different types. Notes for this give the implementing regulations of the ZTP. The dogs are not to be brought under any circumstances into an attraction position. Dogs, which show lack of nature here, separate already here of the Koerung.


Subsequently, an overall evaluation of the dog takes place in accordance with the Koerschein. It must sense itself here from other hand and let measure. Dogs, which do not correspond to these request, are to be reset or rejected completely (with Zweitkoerung because of postponement or Ankoerung in the long term).

"Dog must allow himself to be measured and stand quietly. Dogs that do not allow this are disqualified"


link to the overall evaluation takes place the firing examination. In the distance of 15 - 20 m are delivered when leading the dog and with the placing 1 shot each (6 - 9 mm schreckschuss). Firingshy dogs separate likewise of the Koerung.

" The gun fire will be done 15 to 20 meters away from the dog. Dogs that show unsureness to this will be disqualified."

Assault and courage sample

In the part of 1 the aid goes unobserved by the dog, the hiding place dependent into. On statement of the Koermeisters the dog leader with its angeleinten dog of about 20 steps goes toward the hiding place, leint out of the movement its dog off and puts the remainder back of the distance up to the hiding place about 30 - 40 steps - with the dog freely following with foot. On markers of the performance judge the aid from its hiding place steps and attacks the dog leader from the front loudless. The dog has immediately and without to hesitate the aid attack and seize firmly. The dog on that receives two impacts on not sensitive parts of the body.

"In part 1, the helper goes into a hiding place. The Koermeister tells the handler when to walk with the dog off leash 30 to 40 paces away from the hiding helper. The helper does a frontal attack on the handler. when told to do so by the koermeister. The dog has to immediately and without hesitation bite the helper full and firm. The dog recieves 2 stick hits on the not so sensitive parts of his body"

Only on statement of the performance judge the aid stops the fight. The dog has to discharge on the hearing character " out ".

"The Koermeister tells the helper when to stop the fight. The dog must let go on the Out command."

In the part of 2 the dog leader with its dog goes into Lauerstellung. In at least 100 steps distance flees the aid under threats. The dog leader calls the aid and forwards then the dog. If the dog is on approximately 20 steps near, the aid on acclamation of the performance judge makes turns and attacks the dog under strong acoustic and physical threatening bearing. The dog has on it the penetration by immediate fixed Zufassen to hold. Only on statement of the Koermeisters or performance judge the fight is stopped. On the hearing character " out " the dog has to discharge and must with the aid remain. Only on statement of the Koermeisters or performance judge the dog leader goes to his dog. Only the hard zufassende dog may be angekoert.


The handler goes with his dog to  be ready for the courage test? After the helper runs at least 100 steps, the handler tells him to stop. Then sends the dog for the courage test. When the dog is about 20 steps to the helper, the helper is told to turn and attack the dog with a strong loud voice and threatening gestures. The dog must take a full and deep bite on the sleeve. Only on the Koermeisters command may the helper stop the fight. The dog must out and remain with the helper. On the Koermeisters command, the handler may return to his dog. Only the hard and strong fighting dog may be angekoert."

Organization into Koerklasse

The organization takes place in Koerklasse I A I B II A II B
" The dogs ratings are as follows.. Koerklasse 1A, 1B, 2A , 2B"

In Koerklasse I classified dogs are recommended to the breed.
" Koerklasse I classified dogs are recommended to be bred"

They are to building and the nature-moderately far over average of the race. In practice that means that under Koerklasse I only dogs with the form value can be classified excellently. The partitioning after A and B depends on the total result of the nature-moderate evaluation within the Koerklasse.
"These dogs that receive this rating are far and above the average dog. They must have excellent structure and work ethic to receive this rating. The A or B after the 1 depends on the temperament evaluation within the Koerklasse."

Koerklasse II classified dogs are suitable for the breed. In this class dogs with the form value are generally classified very well. The partitioning A and B effected similar to Koerklasse I. the decision of the Koerkommission is final. An objection against it is not admissible.

"Koerklasse 2 dogs are suitable for breeding also. They are generally classified as Very Good. The A and B ratings  are similar to the Koerklasse 1. The decision of the Koerkomission is final. An objection against it is not admissible. "


If dog belonged, with which in that, in larger number hereditary precarious errors show up offspring, can be abgekoert by the breed committee. The same applies, if subsequently breed and customs errors turn out, which do not admit during the log-on to the Koerung were (see a prerequisite for the Ankoerung).

On Ankoerung or Abkoerung of a dog no requirement of the involved ones or prospective customers insists. Any claim for damages of the involved ones or prospective customers from an on or a Abkoerungsent divorce is expressly excluded.

my notes:

Dog needs to be registered with the DV or any FCI accepted registry.  UDC registry is not accepted at this time.

In order to take a dog from the states to Germany for a korung I need these questions answered.


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