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Teaching the Blind Search

 There are several ways to teach the blind search. 

If your dog is toy driven, put the toy deep into the blind and send him from very close. 

First send him to an open blind then call him back for a game of two toys or tug depending on the dog. After he gets this start sending him from the side (very close to the blind, maybe 5 or 6 feet). So you can be at the other side of the blind to call him after you send him. This gets him to run out the other side back to you for the game. Gradually sending the dog from the back side of the blind. After this is introduced, you can incorporate the training as more formal obedience for the toy that you hold. The dog doesn't run around the blind he gets no game until he does. You can see how this should condition the behavior of the tight blind. 

Where you position yourself will help. This also allows you to teach it without a helper available. The dog sometimes will be going a bit slower than with an actual helper on the field but is a good way to introduce the search when the dog isn't in the higher drive he will be for the helper. So many of these steps depend on the dogs willingness, toy drive, pack drive etc. 

Do allot of recalls to you after sending the dog to each blind before sending the dog to the next blind. Have the dog come to you and do a full sit front after each blind for a few sessions. 

You have to know your dog well enough to know how long this should last. You can mix this up with sending him right away after you see the dog committed to coming to you. If your dog is physically capable of turning on a dime in the yard or elsewhere when playing/running at full speed, he or she is capable of coming back to you quickly around a blind. 

Later in training when you have done obedience for the bite, you can do several things You can work recalls with the helper on the field. You can work blind search with the helper standing outside of a blind. You can have the helper stand behind you. After the dog is sent around the blind, the helper stimulates the dog from behind you for a bite. (this just conditions the response of coming by you quickly, depending on the dog, you may want to do a formal front before sending or just allow the dog to go to the bite and or mix it up) 

You can down your dog in the middle of the field and have him run by you for a search. (You would be closer to the blind than he at this point) 

You can down the dog as he turns the blind (behind the blind ) And position your self for a tight turn around the blind back to you. 

You can play the shell game with a helper, or load all the blinds. You can have the helper give a quick escape (reward) bite out of the other side of the blind. Next to it, close to the side you want him to exit. T

hese are several ways to teach this exercise. Most of this is a recall, and a send. Obedience. So build allot of intensity to go to the blind first. I do feel that dogs are right and left handed also. Let me know if any of this helps. 

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