Send Away Tips

I have had some success with this exercise, having trained five Dobes to go far, fast and straight. I do the usual basics using a tennis ball for a target and gradually weaning the dogs off it. However, before I start the tennis ball by itself, I use a human target who has the tennis ball. I also make sure the dog is in the correct heel position before the send. So often the dog knows what is coming and, in anticipation, begins to forge and
bounce. If I send while the dog is out of position it will almost always veer to the right and wind up 25 or 30 feet off the straight line. A human offering to stand at my designated spot with the tennis ball gives an excellent 'line of site' and an added impetus to go fast and straight and, as skill increases, greater distances. Hope this helps,
Paulette Bethel
Permission received 10/22/99