Attention for puppies

OK, the last thing that you want to do with a puppy is to give a cookie then release it. I see this mistake happening all of the time. When you get what you want from the puppy. Like a sit/stay. Release the puppy with a release word like okay. Then praise the hell out of the pup. Like he just gave you $1000. Slipping the cookie at the same time. He'll start working for your praise and the cookie is just a bonus. Keep the leash on I don't care how old he is. Not for corrections but, for control. If the pup wants to run off and play, run off with him always keeping his favorite toy in your pocket. When he gets to what he wanted to play with (grasshoppers, etc...) get his attention back on you with his favorite toy. This way he learns that YOU are the center of his universe. Joe
permission obtained 5/30/00