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Begleithund or BH 2004

Side Transport in Schutzhund

The obedience for the BH is the same as the old SchH1 (1996) minus the dumbbell and voraus. Th BH consists of two parts.

The first part is the obedience routine, if you pass the obedience portion you will be allowed to go on to the traffic portion.

The impartiality test is performed before the beginning of all Schutzhund titles. The judge usually likes to see all competing teams walk through a group of people one at a time on an obedience leash. Teams are usually asked to walk among a group of people casually and not in a heeling position. At this time, you must show the judge a tattoo if your dog has one. All competitors should practice showing the tattoo to the judge or other club members in training. If the dog has a tattoo on the leg, you can lay your dog down and roll him over for the judge or you can lift your dog up on his hind legs. Do what is best for your dog.

This is a picture of a good way to show the judge your dog's ear tattoo.

Reporting to the judge is an important and required part of the BH. Reporting to the judge means that you and the other team(s) come on the field together before your obedience routine and stop in front of the judge and state your name, dog's name and what you are about to perform. You must maintain a reasonable distance from the other team(s).

Report to the judge on leash unless otherwise instructed. "My name is..., my dogs name is..., we are starting our BH obedience". He will then tell you to either go to the basic position or to the long down.
Long Down

Go to down area and face the dog to the direction you will be waiting. Take the leash off and put it totally away either around your waist or in a pocket or around the shoulder with clip on the opposite side of dog. Put hands to the sides and look straight ahead. Say "platz", walk off on right leg and stand with back to dog. Do not look at dog. Wait for judges command to go back to the dog. Return to the dog standing at the heel side looking straight ahead say "sitz". Put leash on dog and fuss to the end of the field and wait until other dog does his voraus.

Here is the proper way to take the leash off to avoid losing points.

This is a picture of a good way to show the judge your dog's ear tattoo.
Heeling exercise
Basic routine:

  1. Online heeling
  2. Offline heeling
  3. Walking sit
  4. Walking down with recall
  1. Starting at basic position (where you start every exercise) on lead, 50 paces out normal, about turn, 15 paces normal, 15 paces fast, 15 paces slow, 15 paces normal, right turn 15 paces, right turn 15 paces, about turn, 15 paces and stop, 15 paces left turn, then go into the group. (You are penalized for more or less than 10 to 15 paces on changes of pace.) images/annchaffin/trial1.gif

    In the group, show right turn and left turn and stop on lead. The stop should be slightly near a group person. Proceed out of the group and about turn and stop. Take lead off and put totally away before walking again into the group. Take the leash off and put it totally away either around your waist or in a pocket or around the shoulder with clip on the opposite side of dog. (Make sure you take a few steps before you stop after the about turn or your dog will probably be out of place.) Go into the group and show a right turn, left turn, and a stop. The stop should be slightly near a group person.

    If you are going to praise your dog, the time to praise is at the end of the on leash routine at the sit before you start off lead. Not enough for your dog to get out of control but enough to encourage your dog. Never lose control of your dog. You know your own dog, maybe you want to praise a lot or a little or not at all. Whatever suits your individual dog. Example of group unless directed otherwise by judge:

  2. Go to basic position and do the same routine off line. (Do not go into walking sit, common mistake.) After the left turn you may stop your dog and praise at the sit.
  3. Go to basic position, 10 paces walking, sit, go 30 paces and wait for judges signal.
  4. Go to basic position, 10 paces walking, down, go 30 paces and wait for judge to signal recall. Recall and then finish.

    Note: Basic position is now changed, you only get one shot at a straight sit, you can not restart for a straight sit. You may pet your dog at this position then wait to the count of 3 to proceed or re-position after the praise.

After both competitors have finished report out to the judge, your name, dog's name, and report what you have just completed, "we have just completed BH obedience". Go to the area of judges critiques, usually in front of the grandstand or group.

If you pass the obedience portion of the BH, you are allowed to go on to the traffic portion. The new rules for the traffic portion are more detailed. Although the rules are fairly specific, each judge is allowed to organize it using their own discretion and within reason. Your dog must not be aggressive to other dogs, people, cars, joggers, skaters or bikers. Your dog must not be uncomfortable in a tight group of people. You must practice different scenarios at your local club. The judge is allowed to use a busy public area in the traffic portion of the BH, at his discretion.


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