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Force Tracking training using articles

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XXX has been instrumental in developing tracking expertise.

One of my club members attended his seminar years ago Although we have never used the "such platz" on the table, it has very good theory. Dogs learn that articles are safe spots, rest spots, reward spots. Initially you will lay a straight line track with 20-30 articles. There will be an article at the scent pad. When the dog downs at ANY article you will reward (leaving the article) pet keeping the dog calm, then pick up the article, the dog MUST remain in the down until you command it to track to the next article, about 15 paces out. Same procedure, leave the article, food reward, pet & calm. Once you see the dog is calm, pick up the article & track. Repeat this to the end, all 30 article, for 1 week. Daily. The next step is to eliminate the article at the scent pad, & put it 20' out. Same procedure with reward, & petting. Again using 30 articles for 1 week. This is VERY important to keep the dog calm at the article. Your next step is to lay a trap (now you can begin a normal track Sch1) by a trap, you will lay the article at the normal spot on Sch1, immediately follow with another article only 5-10 paces after, this is so the dog doesn't jump & run again. Remember to give the food reward, petting & calming. Be sure to leave the article down while you do this. Once you pick up the article, the dog MUST stay until you command such. It is very important that you always use the same articles every track. Once the dog becomes conditioned to the procedure (having obtained Sch1) then you can start with different articles. We like to use the large leather ones in the beginning. You can also use these same ones for trial. Hope this helps you out. All my club members use this's been very successful.

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