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Obedience tracking theory

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"Obedience tracking"

can only be done by a few people in the country. We have obedience tracked almost 20 dogs. (some in our club are not forced) If you know what you are doing you have a strong very willing dog when you are through. If you have a dog with a high tail and fast pace then they haven't done it right.

The picture should look intense with work ethic, but not stressful. You must always relieve pressure so the dogs enjoy it or you will end up with nothing but a scared dog that just panics when off the track.

We have enjoyed FH2, and four FH's and many 'V' tracks at a SchH III level. We honestly had one judge 'V' rate about 6 of our dogs and 'SG' one on the track, all the while saying he would never 'V' rate a forced tracked dog, because he could tell 'a mile off' if they had been forced. LOLOL

Bad obedience tracking is the worst picture. And obedience tracking can take many forms.

Using a prong from very early on OR waiting until the dogs gives up and take them to an article OR just start the obedience tracking after a month or two of motivational tracking.

Maybe this might help: If you do thirty tracks walking slow and don't let the dog make you speed up then they will eventually slow down. I have never tried it and I don't know how much sense it makes, but that is exactly what both said.

The best advice I have EVER gotten in tracking is you can not track too much. I used to track twice maybe three times a week. Now I track at least 5 times a week and I am very happy with the results.

It is sure hard to track 'over the internet'.

(permission to use the above articles obtained by Linda Guidry on 5/27/99)


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