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Teaching turns or Overshooting corners

Schutzhund dog just rounded a turn in tracking.

I would like to reply on overshooting corners ,

which is very common for a young or fast dog , I used this method on just about all of my dogs and do reuse it in the spring after a long layoff from the winter. corner like circling ,overshooting etc..can create a negative corner habit intake dog. I lay my dogs a normal track but about 6 -10 feet before I make a corner I shorten my step to make at clear to the dog something has changed. the corner I lay very well after after the corner I place a tidbit ,most of my dogs when they came to a strong change like this they slowed checked it out more , no doubt in their mind about the direction of the track .I do also double lay the corners only. The purpose is to create a good corner habit ......I do use food but the use of food in the corner I found to be to much help unless I am teaching a very green dog or a starter dog , reducing the help slowly and applying the above method has worked for me. After I see that the dog has taking the corner correctly after a few tracks ...depending on the dog when I make the next step...I skip and lay a normal corner , 2 heavy one normal ....reducing heavy corners more and more.....I do have the dogs on a dead ring prong collar . You dog seems to be eager tracker with drive , that is a good problem to have :O) To much holding back can have the reverse affect , hold me back I want it more!! Understanding the word < slow down > or if its a German import < langsam> will help also , if she does not understand the word she wont respond !! I have taught all my dog this command and if I need to apply this during tracking , I correct give the command an loosen the line........I know with a speed tracker this can be hard to achieve . More articles and changes in the track will keep her mind busy .....leave long straight empty legs to a minimum . Oh how old is your dog ? Keep her a calm as possible before the start of the track if she is very up ! Happy tracking to you and your dog ! Pia Blackwell (permission for this article obtained for use on this website by Linda Guidry 5/23/99) top

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